Alexander Thomas


With a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Alex has a vast knowledge of the industry. While gaining his Master’s, Alex worked as a supervisor of a high-tech digital fabrication facility, developing a deep understanding of cutting edge digital design and construction technologies. He has worked on civic, residential, and commercial projects, and brings a keen eye for construction details and architectural visualization to the FORM team.

As a Designer for FORM Architects, he brings an incredibly motivated and passionate personality to his work. Alex finds his design inspiration in how the spaces he designs impact the way people work every day.

This eccentric member of the FORM team enjoys cooking, gardening, and college sports in his free time.

If you ever have a chance to try his spaghetti carbonara, we guarantee it’ll be the best you’ve ever had!

University of Florida - College of Design, Construction, and Planning
- Master of Architecture
- Bachelor of Design (focus in Architecture)

Emerging Architects Committee