Since inception in 2003, FORM has continued to invest in quality over quantity, providing staff with year-round educational opportunities through our FORM University program. Opportunities for designers to flex their creativity are abundant and continue to result in strengthened services. Our ‘work hard, play-harder’ mantra landed FORM on the Washington Business Journal’s Best Places to Work list and has led to the development of various annual events that include family, friends, and clients. It is hard to pick a favorite event, but one thing our team can agree on is that Judy knows how to throw a party! Outside of the office, our community outreach program, Warm with FORM, has aided more than 25 local organizations that benefit causes important to our industry, clients, and individual employees. Similar to our project approach, regardless of whether we are running in a charity 5K or making sandwiches for the homeless, we work as one team, always focused on people.



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"I find inspiration for my designs in textures."

MinJae Chong, LEED AP ID+C
Principal, Technical Director

"I draw my inspiration from books. Reading allows me to see the world through different perspective while expanding my own mind and creativity."

Anna Gangsaas
Manager, HR and Operations

"I’m inspired by organic movements, like brush strokes on a canvas and flowing water, and apply them to create human motion-oriented designs."

Ana Inestroza
Project Designer

"I’m inspired by experiences. Creating unique and unforgettable experiences in the built-environment has always been my passion."

Hunter McDaniel, NCIDQ
Project Designer

"I find design inspiration in patterns and geometry."

Ronza Rebert, NCIDQ

"My inspiration comes from life itself. Designs are ever-evolving, and I continue to learn from new experiences as I take in a world of inspiration."

Michael Cipriani, AIA
Principal, Owner

"I'm inspired by my everyday surroundings and how I can do something different to push the design industry to the next level."

Nicole Blunt, NCIDQ, LEED Green Associate

“I’m inspired by the human component and exploring how individuals experience the world.”

Erica Cummings, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C

“My inspiration comes from modern design and high quality materials and manufacturing. Even the smallest pieces can be beautiful when designed with intent and care.”

Tom Becherer
Project Designer

"Human behavior, nature, other artists and creatives- I love to design spaces that enhance people’s lives."

Kirstyn Nocho
Project Designer, LEED Green Assoc

"I'm inspired by solving problems. I like to face challenges head-on and find creative solutions."

Kimberly Davis
Marketing Manager

“I’m inspired by nature. I love to be out in it, or to bring it inside – whether just an open window or a fresh and fragrant bloom.”

Judy Shaffer, SHRM-CP
Principal, Chief Operating Officer

"My inspiration comes from creating ever-evolving designs."

Rob Wiersberg, AIA
Principal, Owner

“I'm inspired by California mid-century modern architecture.”

David Laughlin, AIA, LEED AP
Senior Associate

"The great outdoors is where I find my inspiration."

Principal, Design Director

"Travel inspires me to expand my design perspective and refresh my creativity."

Marisa Vinson
Senior Project Designer

"Travel inspires me. Finding a fresh perspective and studying the local architecture helps me generate new design ideas."

Kelsey Hutton
Project Designer

"I draw inspiration from being outdoors and incorporating natural design elements into interior spaces."

Katherine DiDonato
Project Designer

“I draw inspiration from traveling and photography. Both allow me to tap into my creative side and push me out of my comfort zone while experiencing something new.”

Cara Ventura
Project Designer

"I’m inspired by the art of brevity, marrying contrasts (especially old and new), and seeing people in their element."

Koren Stauffer, CPSM
Principal, Marketing Director


Unsurpassed Service
+ Superior Design Vision
= Outstanding Results

We view offices as blank design canvases. They are opportunities to visually explore your company’s brand and tell your unique story.  Like our clients, no two designs are the same. Our first step is listening. And falling out of your chair with excitement (here’s looking at you, Rob) means we’re just getting started.

Details gleaned during our initial conversations with you are implemented into our award-winning FORMWORK process which formulates the desired design and shape of your space through research and visioning. Projects are principal lead and receive the same team start-to-finish which ensures a seamless design experience. Our “round table” structure means that your project will also benefit from the collective experience of the entire firm. Within our studio of interiors-focused architects and designers, project knowledge is shared; ideas are developed, traded, critiqued, and refined. We believe this leads to radical solutions that set our designs apart.




Design Challenge

With a strong conceptual foundation established in an in-depth Visioning process, Hanley Wood’s project effortlessly evolved through the design phase, but took an unexpected turn when the location changed.


Create an honest and nimble space that:

  • Represents the themes revealed in Visioning
    • Connect
    • Challenge
    • Cultivate
  • Remain true to the original design, budget, and schedule within a new floor plan


The new building that was selected offered space on two separate floors. This provided the team with a unique opportunity to introduce an interconnecting stair into the design. This focal element required immediate engagement of the general contractor and structural engineer to assist with the accompanying technical requirements of opening the slab.

Apart from the addition of a stair, the design team was challenged with maintaining the integrity of their initial design and adhering to the original budget and schedule within the entirely new floor plan. Designer’s credit much of the project’s success to the extra levels of renderings and documentation provided in the schematic design and design development phases. Communicating design intentions with this level of depth enabled the client to make quick, confident decisions. The new design approach was so well received, the firm has adopted it as a company standard.

Expedient decision making became important not only in adhering to the original project schedule, but in a merger that Hanley Wood started with a secondary company. Clear, concise communication served as a constant as the design team worked to earn buy-in from the newly engaged company while maintaining momentum with the Hanley Wood team.


Design Challenge

In Accenture’s previous space, the four groups that make up the cyber practice were separated. The division of these groups left them disjointed and unable to collaborate on creating customized integrated solutions for their clients.


Create a new innovative space that:

  • Joins the four facets of cybersecurity together
  • Showcases Accenture’s talented workforce
  • Fosters the groups’ individual cultures, as well as creates a new, collaborative culture amongst the groups


To address Accenture’s concerns, the design team created a state-of-the-art Client Demo space in Accenture’s new building. The Client Demo space makes up the central hub of the space and brings clients and employees together. The design is very flexible, allowing the space to be configured in multiple layouts and working styles depending on the event. The versatility of the design allows Accenture to show off their talent and show their clients what customized integrated solutions they can create.

In addition to the main demo area, the space has a defined path through it, uniting teams and clients through collaboration points. These collaboration areas are collocated within employee workspaces and between them to foster cross-pollination and teaming. Each area is equipped with technology allowing teams to interact and design solutions on the fly.

Respite rooms are also scattered throughout the space to give employees the option to perform focus work in preparation or after collaboration occurs.

Each team has their designated workspace on the floor, where they were able to weigh in on the design and brand elements, giving individuality and team personality to their space. In conjunction with the Accenture brand consultant, we were able to overlay Accenture’s overall mission and brand throughout the space, thereby uniting these unique teams under one overall identity.


Design Challenge

It was determined early in the design process that the innovation center would require two very different spaces; the work area, a distraction-free space that would cater to CGI Federal’s creative IT employees, and the demonstration space, a bright polished area that would support collaboration with clients.


Create an interactive space that:

  • Showcases CGI Federal’s offerings and innovations
  • Supports their team’s collaboration with clients


To portray the collocation of the demonstration space and the work area through design, the project team enlisted two dominant gestures to define and connect these two opposing areas, Inspiration (the process) and Realization (the solutions).

Designers visually defined ‘Inspiration’ with an open ceiling and vertical pendant lights. The exposed ceiling elements show how the building works while also defining the designated working area for employees. Slivers of these raw inner workings stretch through the lobby, client experience area, and demonstration space via a reveal thus representing the inspiration and work that goes into CGI Federal’s sophisticated, final products. In areas where the acoustics were a concern, designers prescribed a custom perforated metal grid system that integrates acoustical fabric for sound absorption.

‘Realization’ is the result of ‘Inspiration.’ In contrast to the open ceiling in the ‘Inspiration’ areas, a closed ceiling and continuous horizontal lighting elements define ‘Realization.’ Immersive video walls, touch tables, and interactive kiosks are spread throughout these spaces, encouraging employees and guests to explore CGI Federal’s technologies in new ways while supporting innovation in action.